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Tytuł: please check my memo
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Czy jest to dobrze zrobione? Bardzo dziękuję za pomoc!!!

From: Mr Alex Zorba, Diroector of Valentino Chocolates
Subject: Investment plan
Date: 27th of April 2006

In recent years Valentino has become one of Europe`s leading brand of
chocolate. It is now ready to become a succesful international business. The
Board of Directors has agreed the following investment plan. First of all we
decide to invest in more resarch and development because new, innovatives
products are profitable. For better and faster production we will buy a new
machinery. To increase our selling important is plough a marketing campaigne.
Nowadays valid market is E-Market, so we have to set up online sales. Next aim
is invest in US market. This is large outlet and our products should appear
there. And last but weighty point is invest ina an existing group of cafes. It
will be great promotion and way of selling of Valentino`s Chocolates.

If You approve my plan, please let me know your point of view about
progress of our business as soon as possible.